How I met a Japanese partner – Tim

Tim & Aya – They met at OZMATCH Speed Dating Event

Tim found OzMatch in February and has been an Executive Member since March. He joined our Online Speed Dating Event and he met Aya there.

OzMatch, an international matchmaking agency organise an Online Speed Dating Event once a month, every second Saturday evening.

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Tim and Aya clicked early on and entered an exclusive relationship in April and now they are living happily together.

This is what Tim said about his partner Aya and his experience with our international matchmaking agency OzMatch, below:

“When I first found OZMATCH I was a bit sceptical”

“When I first found OzMatch I was a bit sceptical if it was a legitimate or not with all the stories that you hear of people getting scammed on the internet. I had a read through the website and decide to join as a basic member then had an online consultation with Misao, the CEO.

During our chat Misao explained how OzMatch works and having actually seen who I was speaking to instead of sending emails to someone who could have been anybody I felt more at ease. I joined an OzMatch online speed dating event not sure what to expect, I still hadn’t had to pay anything so I thought I would give it a go. I wasn’t locked into anything so there was no harm in seeing what it was like.”

“I have spoken to a lot of Japanese people and they are lovely”

“I had a really good time doing the online speed dating event. It was nice talking to all the ladies, they were all pleasant and I enjoyed speaking with each of them.

Between talking with each of them in a private chatroom Misao and her husband Sean had everybody in the same chatroom asking fun questions which helped everyone relax and lightened the mood. Organising events like that must be such a nightmare. Misao said that there are people constantly cancelling right up to the event. I would assume that is because people get nervous, I wasn’t because I knew that everyone is in the same boat and I have spoken to a lot of Japanese people before and they are lovely.”

“I have seen Japanese people try to help foreigners even though they speak little to no English”

“I’ve been to Japan many times.

I like the food, the culture and how friendly the people are. I’ve seen shopkeepers run down the street to give you less than a dollar change, one time we asked a lady for directions and she walked us 6 blocks out of her way in the snow to get us where we were going. Multiple times I have seen Japanese people try to help foreigners who are clearly lost or need help even though they speak little to no English which is something that I think more Australians should do when they see the same thing in Australia. Seeing these things 1st hand & Misao explaining why Japanese ladies are OzMatch members is the reason that I wasn’t worried that the ladies were only doing this to get a Visa or trying to steal or scam me out of my money.”

I met my Japanese partner at the OZMATCH online speed dating event”

“I met my Japanese partner at the online speed dating event and we are now living together!

We were living in different states when we met. After speed dating we were talking on the phone or video chatting quite regularly. She planned to fly to my state for a week so we could meet. I happened to be in her state just before she was due to come up for the week so we met for the first time over dinner. I didn’t feel nervous because we had been talking so often ( she later told me that she was nervous but I didn’t know that at the time ).

Meeting her for dinner was good and it felt comfortable being around each other in person.”

When she came to visit it was less awkward because we had met each other in person beforehand so we were both more relaxed. We had a good week together sightseeing and having dinner dates.

We had visited each other a few times after that before the border closures prevented us from seeing each other. It was difficult not knowing when we would be able to see each other next but everybody was going through the same thing. It was not nearly as bad a couples that are living in different countries but I have some understanding of what it is like.

I asked if she would like to move interstate and live with me”

“When the borders looked like opening up I asked if she would like to move interstate and live with me. The timing was good for her with what was going on with her work so she said yes, although it took an extra 10 weeks for her to get up here with border passes. ( again I feel for couples that have partners overseas, what we had to wait was nothing compared to others )

I was living with a friend of mine so I found a new place to rent for my girlfriend and I. All her belongings and furniture got trucked up here and I moved it into our new place. She was stuck staying with friends until she got her border pass.

She finally got it and while she was in quarantine I would often deliver her food or things that she needed and sit outside her hotel room where she could see me and talk to her on the phone.”

“We have now been living together and things are going well”

“We have now been living together for about 2 months and things are going well, living together feels comfortable and neither of us have found anything that really bothers us about each other.

We have been doing things together as a couple and she has tried some things that she has never done before. We went camping the other week, it wasn’t all smooth sailing because she hadn’t done it before and didn’t know what to expect but she wouldn’t stop talking about what a good time she had on the way home. I also took her to the cricket which she said she enjoyed which surprised me.”

“Misao genuinely wants to help Japanese ladies who want to find a partner”

“We met Misao and Sean at a Café for brunch, it was the first time that either of us had met them in person, we all had a great time together.

I get the feeling that Misao started OzMatch because she genuinely wants to help Japanese ladies who want to find a partner. Maybe because she has been in their shoes before.”

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