Wei 35 y.o.

I found my deepest connection on OzMatch

For years, I’ve wished to find a committed partner to share enduring happiness. I tried dating through many channels but luck wasn’t on my side. It was almost hopeless for me, until I ran into OzMatch. Misao-san has great instincts and could quickly tell what kind of a man I am and what type of woman would match with me. She carefully listened to my needs and gave me invaluable guidance and support. Through her assistance, I finally found the love of my life. It wasn’t easy to understand a lady from another culture or to communicate across various barriers. Misao-san and the OzMatch team know best about these challenges, and they shared useful knowledge from their experiences to help me go through the process. They were a great bridge between the Japanese lady and me. I surely am a lucky man, and I am grateful that I found my deepest connection here through OzMatch. Now I can finally launch a new happy chapter of life with my special someone.

Jeffrey 61y.o.

She is 200% more than I thought she would be

We ended up talking for three hours at the OMIAI which was surprising how quickly time passed. I’m surprised that she has been to Australia previously, could swim really well and enjoys a variety of foreign foods. She is 200% more than I thought she would be, gorgeous, smiles and laughs and her English is pretty good. She is an exceptional lady, hopefully our friendship can grow -maybe into something more. She has really opened my eyes to what it might be. I was and still am knocked over by her.

Sean 42 y.o.

I have no doubt that I will meet my life partner soon at OZMATCH

When I had a consultation with Misao-san, I was really impressed by how kind and helpful she was. During the consultation, she gave me sincere advice on my worries and difficulties, just like a big sister, and I really appreciated that. She is very quick to respond and takes care of her members with a sense of responsibility. I haven't found my life partner yet, but I have no doubt that I will meet my life partner soon at OZMATCH, where they treat me like family.

Stefan 35y.o.

OZMATCH has been a wonderfully supportive and enjoyable experience for me.

After years of frustration with online dating, I feel that OZMATCH is a very friendly community, with careful guidance and a great support network. There are many opportunities to speak to lovely people and I’m very happy to be part of such a comfortable and warm service. I definitely recommend OZMATCH to anyone who has not yet found their perfect match and could benefit from professional and quality service.

James 41 y.o.

I would love to think she is the girl I will be with

Wow....Misao, I don't want to say too much yet as it's only new but wow, you have introduced me to the perfect person in my eyes. We have so much in common and have a very similar way of thinking. We both have said we believe you have done an amazing job introducing us to each other. I would love to think she is the girl I will be with, and I'd love to have her in my life and build a beautiful relationship and hopefully marriage. I want this in my life now. I did say to her, in a way, that I want that. I would like to hope she is the one I grow old with...... Thank you Misao. I appreciate what you have done for me.

Matthew 30 y.o.

Misao-san doesn't treat you like a number

I've been on multiple dates but I haven't been able to find the right one. I was starting to accept the fact that I'll either never find someone or it will take a long time. I then stumbled across OZMATCH. At first, I was very hesitant. Am I willing to spend so much money to rely on someone else to find someone for me? However, It's worth it. Misao-san truly cares about her clients, Australian or Japanese. She doesn't treat you like a number and keeps in touch with everyone for updates and even offers advice. She's very good at what she does and is willing to go above and beyond to ensure everyone's happiness such as organising online events etc. I have full confidence that Misao-san can help people find true love.

Douglas 41y.o.

I can see a future with the person I'm currently going out with

When I originally signed up for OZMATCH, I really didn't know what to expect. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get along and talk to all of the girls. Thanks to the speed dating events that Ms. Misao regularly hosts, I've talked to a lot of different people, and it's a great experience. While it's hard to know in the early stages of a relationship, I can see a future with the person I'm currently going out with.

Daryl 34 y.o.

OZMATCH has changed people’s lives for the better

I’ve known OZMATCH for almost 2 years and I've watched that OZMATCH has changed people’s lives for the better. People have met their significant other through it. Misao is a great person, empathetic, and has a very positive outlook in life. She shared a bit of her life with us and I find it incredible she overcame many challenges.I want to be like her in some ways. She really is a great writer and I find some topics she writes fairly interesting. I will never forget her message「一期一会」as it holds some value in my heart. I am a very simple person, and have a simple dream of having my own family someday. I’ve met some very nice and lovely Japanese ladies through OZMATCH. I haven’t met the “one” yet but I will keep trying and searching for making my dream come true.

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