Exclusively JAPANESE Ladies

Exclusively JAPANESE Ladies

OZMATCH’s aim is to connect Japanese ladies and Australian gentlemen, so all of our female members are Japanese. This is our specialty.

All of our Japanese female members are required to have an interview with us when they upgrade their basic membership to executive membership.

This interview confirms their personal information, allowing us to gain insight into their health, education, financial situation, English language ability and personal needs.

They also submit a few documents including ID and genuine recent photos.

Why are Japanese women looking for love in Australia?

You might think , “Do they only want to live in Australia?”
This is absolutely ‘NOT’ the case.

As you may know, Japan is one of the world’s leading economies with high levels of employment and standard of living. Japanese ladies do not need to emigrate to another country to look for a better job or more security. Japan is rated as one of the safest countries in the world.

So why would they leave?

One simple answer…LOVE!!

There are a vast number of Japanese women out there looking for a fulfilling, loving relationship and at the same time they are almost ready to give up.

Have you ever heard the word ‘KAROSHI’? The literal translation is “death by overwork”.  Japan has created top sales products, such as cars, electric appliances, computer games etc. They are very reliable, refined and high performance and we are proud of that.

However we shouldn’t forget that behind all of those high quality products and services there are Japanese people working incredibly long hours and it’s taking a toll on their health and relationships. Karoshi could happen at any time in any industry in Japan.

Japanese Men and Japanese women don’t have much time to spend with their partners because of Japan’s intense work culture.

Japanese culture teaches people to accept their lot in life and the conditions that they work under but some women can’t or won’t accept that way of thinking.

They are different in a good way and those Japanese women who don’t want to give up their dream of finding a fulfilling, loving relationship come to OZMATCH.

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They are looking for YOU but you will never meet them unless you take this opportunity to join OZMATCH for free and begin the journey to a lifelong romantic adventure.

The one thing that all of our Japanese female members have in common is a strong desire to form a wonderful, happy, affectionate, long-term relationship.

Japanese ladies make great partners

You may be asking yourself “Why should I choose a Japanese woman?”  Well, we hope this will help you to understand why Japanese women may be the one for you. Japanese women have many great partner qualities compared to women from other cultures. They are:

  • Slim and attractive – Japanese women tend to remain slim and attractive, even after child birth.
  • Grateful and introspective – due to the influence of Buddhism and shinto, Japanese women have a great sense of gratitude for life. They tend to be introspective and are not self-centred, often putting others first.
  • Elegant – Japanese women are elegant and never swear.
  • Neat and Organized – Japanese women are very popular among Australian host families or as flatmates due to the Japanese passion for cleanliness.
  • Good at cooking – you will enjoy authentic Japanese meals.
  • Highly educated – most of our Japanese female members have a degree.
  • Financially stable – their families are financially independent and you don’t need to look after your Japanese partner’s family, which is common in other areas of SE Asias.


35% of our Japanese female members live in Australia. 65% of our Japanese female members live in Japan or are Japanese living in other countries and are willing to visit Australia to meet you.

Our Japanese ladies range in age from their 20s to 60s (10% are in their 20’s, 45% are in their 30’s, 30% are in their 40’s, 15% are in their 50’s and 60’s).
All of them are serious about finding a long-term partner and most of them have never married while some are divorced with children.

Most of our Japanese female members’ English speaking abilities are “good” to “very good”, and all show a high degree of dedication to improving their English language skills.

Some have limited English ability but once they start speaking in English with someone whom they are very interested in, their English improves dramatically.

OZMATCH holds monthly online matchmaking events. First, you can see what kind of Japanese women are OZMATCH members at those events.

If you want to talk further with a particular Japanese woman, you can upgrade your membership to meet her at an OMIAI (first date). OMIAI can be done online, so it doesn’t matter if the Japanese woman lives in Japan.

Afterwards, the man can visit Japan or the woman can visit Australia to further develop the relationship. Since the opening of the Australia-Japan border, it is increasingly common for either the Australian man or the Japanese woman to visit the other’s country within a few months of the OMIAI. 

All of our Japanese female members are required to have an interview with us when they upgrade their basic membership to executive membership. This interview confirms their personal information allowing us to gain insight into their personal needs and their English language abilities.
They also submit a few documents including ID and genuine recent photos.

Yes they do. When they upgrade their membership, they pay the fees and the fees are higher than male members’ fees. Japanese women who upgrade their membership are women who are seriously looking for a partner and who are financial enough to pay for it.

OZMATCH’s Japanese female members are women who can decide and act on their own futures. They are planning to continue their own businesses or use their skills and abilities to find employment after coming to Australia.

If the need arises, they would like to further their education and advance their careers in Australia.

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