Event 23 – OZMATCH Online Speed Dating

It is a clever way to meet Japanese women

OZMATCH, a licensed introduction agency based in QLD Australia, held an Online Speed Dating Event on 18th February 2023. We welcomed 5 couples and two male members participants from all over Japan and Australia.

Our Online Speed Dating Event is for men who want to meet Japanese women and Japanese women who want to meet men in Australia or other countries. Each time, some male members are matched with Japanese women and meet formally on a one-to-one basis at a later date ( we call it OMIAI).

Our staff Emiko joined as a supporter too, the event was full of smiles, even more so than usual.

OZMATCH asks participants various questions during the event. Participants must answer these questions immediately. And by listening to their answers, you can learn about their experiences, values and personality.

So you can see things about other members that you couldn’t see just by looking at their profiles by attending events. This is the best part of attending the OZMATCH Online Speed Dating Event.

We hope you will join us one day at OZMATCH Events where you can meet Japanese women.

OZMATCH Online Speed Dating Event Reviews

I feel much more at ease in my involvement with OzMatch

Hi Misao,  
Thank you for hosting such a fun event last night, I did enjoy it.
It was my first ever speed dating experience and I like trying new things so I am happy I came along.
Even though there were some minor technical issues, I’d say it all went well and smoothly enough. 
However I am not sure this particular style of dating is the way I would personally go for seriously trying to find a good match for me.
I think the merit of this event is that it is a fun and light hearted social experience whilst on the dating path, and there is nothing wrong with that, and still I enjoyed it for what it is.
It is fairly clear to me now that OzMatch is no scam.
I can see now that Misao and Misao’s team are kind people with good hearts, having fun and being silly and at the same time serious about bringing people together for long lasting love.
Thank you for being real. I feel much more at ease in my involvement with OzMatch.

All Japanese ladies were so lovely

Good morning!
First of all, thank you for organizing the event last night.
I was a bit nervous at the beginning but Misao and Sean welcomed us warmly and once started, it was very relaxing.
Well, of course except my problem with Room No.10 – not sure what was going on…
Besides this small issue, I think the event went really well. The duration of the time is quite adequate I think.
I was able to talk with 4 ladies and although 7 minutes went so quick, they were so lovely.
I am more than happy to chat with all of them if they are interested (am I too greedy?).
Again, thank you for the fun time and I hope you’ll have a great Sunday.

All Japanese ladies were so friendly and easy to talk

Hi Ozmatch, 
First of all, thank you! I had an amazing time. 
I went from very unsure if this was at all for me?..
To enjoying every minute. Everyone was so friendly and easy to talk, it was really nice.
I was a bit poor at noting the zoom names to faces & personality, I particularly liked some ladies and I think there was others that might be my type, but i got a bit lost in the moments.
It would be good if there was a sure was to recall those who I was most interested in (as a potential match) along the way. 
I really look forward to hearing back and becoming a member.

It’s been a while since I talked to Japanese girls last time

Hello, Misao. Hope you are doing well. 
Thanks for giving me a wonderful time with speed dating. I had a good time with Japanese females.
It’s been a while since I talked to Japanese girls last time so I was excited but little bit nervous.
Also, I apologize that I didn’t tell you to whom I’d like to talk again. Actually I have one girl I want to chat again. But I’m not sure her name.
Yes! I applied one day pass. As you said, I’d like to see how does she look like. I’ve forgotten about one day pass.
Thanks for giving this great service.

Misao and Sean were very good in making everyone feel at ease

Hi Misao,
It was a great experience. 
The hosts were very good in making everyone feel at ease.  
The cut-off for the individual rooms sometimes cut-off conversation, if possible allow the guest to complete the conversation and join the group chat. 
Also, some candidate did not speak English, which is totally ok, I was just not aware and not prepared for this.

I had a nice evening with some very pleasant conversations

Dear OzMatch,
I had a nice evening with some very pleasant conversations.
The amount of time allocated for talking between pairs, and the interaction with moderators seemed just about ideal.
I did notice a couple of male participants not participate as expected, and that could potentially have an adverse affect on future female paticipation, though I hope not.
I hope the next speed dating is not too long away.

A chance to talk with some like minded Japanese ladies

Yes I enjoyed the night, a chance to talk with some like minded ladies, sometimes the 7 mins went very fast not enough time to talk with the lady.
They were all nice ladies.
Thanks for the night it was nice.

All the Japanese ladies where lovely to meet

Ohayo gozaimasu,
The speed dating event was good. It was only my third event.
The time for each round was good for the amount of people.
We ran out of time talking a couple of times.
Unfortunately though all the ladies where lovely to meet. Those who I could find their profiles of they were older or younger than I feel comfortable with.
If I knew their ages were closer to my own, I might like to talk to them again if they wish the same.
Thanks for the interesting event.

I really enjoyed talking to Japanese ladies

Thanks, Miso san!
Yes, I really enjoyed talking to Japanese ladies.
Love to hear what they think.

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OZMATCH is suitable for those single men

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  • Men who feel that they are not compatible with Western women.
  • Men who have tried online dating to meet Japanese women but felt that it was a waste of time.
  • Men who want to have a permanent relationship with a Japanese woman who is willing to move to their country.
  • Men who may be shy or inexperienced when it comes to women.
  • Men who want a personalised Japanese matchmaking service with a real person assisting them.
  • Men who are interested in Japanese culture and want to enhance their experience through a Japanese partner.

If you are one of them, OZMATCH could be the platform to find the ideal Japanese partner you have been seeking for.

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