Three Memberships

OZMATCH offers three different membership categories for men who are interested in meeting Japanese women.

Basic Member

Basic Membership is a membership that allows you to become a member without paying any upfront fees. It is a no-risk level of membership for those who are interested in meeting Japanese women or finding a Japanese partner.

One Day Pass

Basic members may be wondering, “What kind of Japanese female members are registered on OZMATCH?”
The One Day Pass gives you full access to all our Japanese female member’s profiles (including their photos and details) for one day only.

30 Day Trial Member

You may be wondering what OZMATCH actually does for you and whether you will be able to meet someone you like. Our 30 Day Trial Membership is the perfect solution to all your worries.

Executive Member

Executive Member grants you full access to all OZMATCH services. This membership is for those who have a clear vision and motivation to find a Japanese partner.

Service Fees

OZMATCH offers three membership options: a basic membership, a 30-day trial membership and an Executive membership.
In this video, we will explain the fees for the three memberships.


OMIAI is a traditional practice where men and women are introduced to each other by someone who act as mediators

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