Misao McBride

Hello. I am an international matchmaking adviser who is happily married in real life.

I have consulted with more than 1,000 single people in total and support them to find their life partners. This has led to many successful relationships for our members

When you see the title “international matchmaking adviser” you might think I am a relationship expert, but for much of my life I had very low self-esteem and I was so afraid of making mistakes in relationships that I could not make friends, let alone find a boyfriend in my 20s and 30s.

I eventually got married in my 40s in Japan but only due to the stigma of not being married. I did it because of social pressure. But I was tired of playing the woman that Japanese society expected me to be.

When I was in my mid-40s, I quit my job, divorced, disposed of all my possessions and came to Australia alone, with no English skills and no acquaintances or friends. I really wanted to find a good relationship so I went online and dated over 100 men, learning from each encounter. Then I met my husband but only after I had grown.

Living with my husband in Australia, I am learning that marriage is not something you have to do, it’s an option that can enrich your life. I discovered what a happy and fulfilling, loving relationship could be and I believe that anyone can have it.

Falling in love is easy but finding the right person for the long-term is much harder. That’s why I started OZMATCH. We will walk with you to help you avoid the pitfalls and improve your chances of finding the right person.  Love is always a risk but the bigger risk is not finding it.

If you would like to see the real Misao and how OzMatch is supporting Australian and Japanese singles, please visit the OZMATCH FB page.

Sean McBride
Events Presenter

Hi. I’m a professional anthropologist. That means I study people and have an interest in the evolutionary/biological basis for human behaviour, especially in attraction between men and women and the idea of human beauty.

Growing up I was very shy and found it difficult to talk to women and so remained single for a long time.  However, over time I overcame these difficulties and managed to do well with dating once I understood the principles involved.

I am a great example of how to have a successful relationship with a Japanese woman.  Things were not always easy at the start of my relationship with Misao because of the cultural differences but we both grew from the experience and now have a strong, successful partnership. I bring this experience to OZMATCH to help guide our members on their journey.

Ayaka Setoguchi
Adviser for female members

Hi, I’m Ayaka,a former OZMATCH member and now an OZMATCH supporter.

Having a relationship with someone who valued spending time together through life ​​was my dream for many years and I wondered if Misao’s service could help my dream come true. And it did. I have someone whom I want to be with and share everything with.

With long distance relationships comes a new set of challenges, as couples can not easily meet. However, there is a willingness amongst long distance couples at OZMATCH to make an effort to understand each other and together overcome these challenges.
Based on my own experience, I will support you in your own journey towards finding a partner. I’m looking forward to talking with you soon.

Thomas Hilbom 
Consultant for male members

I use my experience as a business consultant to support OZMATCH in improving its services.

I am one of the people who found my ideal Japanese partner through OZMATCH, so I understand the anxiety and joy, the confusion and the decision-making process that male members go through.

The advice that comes from my 18 months of long-distance dating experience is appreciated not only by male members, but also by female members.

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