Australian men’s jokes really confuse Japanese women

Australian jokes and Japanese jokes are very different and it took time for me to get used to them.

My husband has four brothers and one sister. All of them, including my husband, have a great sense of humore ( maybe too much) . 

It was 15 years ago. My husband and I started dating and one day he took me to Sydney to introduce me to his family. 

One of my husband’s brothers came to pick us up at the airport which was nice and on the way to their mum’s place, he told me that their mum was an alcoholic so be careful about not giving her too much alcohol during the lunch.

I didn’t know what to say to him. It was a very sensitive topic and I had no idea how to respond.  I was quiet. My husband was quiet too.

After a 30 minutes drive, we arrived at their mum’s place. 

She welcomed me with a very warm hug. She was elegant, well dressed and talked softly. She had a talent for flower arranging.

I liked her instantly but she was an alcoholic…

Christmas time, mum came to stay with us and I wasn’t sure if I should prepare Sake or Umeshu (Japanese alcohol) or I shouldn’t. I was a super polite Japanese wife and didn’t know how to ask her.

It took a year for me to realise that it was a joke. Their mum ( our mum ) didn’t drink alcohol.

The alcoholic mum joke lasted for the next 12 years till our mum passed away.

I have been in Australia for 17 years and my jokes have become like Australian jokes. When I make a joke to Japanese friends, they become quiet just like I became quiet 15 years ago. Oops.

I know Australian men love jokes and they have a great sense of humore.

But here is my advice to you as a Japanese matchmaker who is introducing Australian single men and Japanese single women to meet.

Start slowly by softening your jokes a little because Japanese women will take what you say literally. Be warned 🙂

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